We hope to establish strong relationships with our customers. All of our relationships shall be based on trust – trust that our philosophies and recommendations are well conceived, trust that all deadlines will be met, and trust that the fees charged are fair and accurate.

At the micro level, we target children, pupils, students, youth, women, mothers, fathers, orphans, widows and widowers, persons with disabilities, social misfits, drug addicts, churches and societies, cooperative societies, and all small and medium enterprise owners.

At the macro/ corporate level we target large companies, microfinance institutions, commercial banks, insurance companies, county governments and their devolved units, central government ministries, departments and agencies, parastatals and non-governmental organizations among others.


The Sowers Investimment Group was formed on July 2017. It was our Prevoius client that we facilitated its inception. Members save a prescribed minimum amount per month; as savings grow they are invested in emerging business opportunities. Proceeds from the project are then shared, and or ploughed back approprietly.


The Sowers Sacco is our current client. We are working out the process of helping them to process relevant and necessary documents for it operate. The Sacco will specialize in provision of financial services to members.