Our Mission

To arouse, in the clients, their better nature, leading them to move economic resources from areas of low productivity to areas of higher productivity and yield.


To be the fulcrum for dynamic entrepreneurial stewardship.

Our Company Profile

E-STEWARDSHIP CONSULTANTS LTD is your long awaited partner in business, research, consultancy and advocacy on social, economic, cultural and ecological issues. We are a privately owned company.

E- Entrepreneurial

We recognize that God has given us the gifts of time, talent and material in a certain measure. We understand that He holds us accountable for their wise and profitable use. Such use is what we call entrepreneurial.


We all live and stay in an environment having animate and inanimate objects and we have God’s own permission to subdue them all. But He equally bids us not to destroy the earth. It is our earnest endeavor to so live in this world, to so interact with these objects, in such a way that they will be replenished, that they will be productive of more fruit. And then we shall hand it over to the next generation safer, cleaner, more attractive and more productive.


We each need the help we can receive from other minds. We do not think of ourselves as being too adequately endowed with all knowledge, God will work in other minds than ours. The various gifts given to different ones are to blend for the doing of a work most glorious on earth. Thus our methods take the form of mutual/ symbiotic exchanges.


We are incorporated under The Companies Act of The Laws of Kenya Chapter 486 as a private company limited by shares. We were incorporated in Nairobi, Kenya on 8th August, 2014.